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Frequently Asked Questions:

  What are the benefits of using Manufactured Stone Veneer?

It is lightweight and requires no footings, wall ties or foundation. It is usually one- third to one- half the cost of natural stone.

  How much does Bosco Stone Veneer weigh?

Bosco Stone Veneer weighs approximately 12 to 13 pounds per square foot. This may vary depending on the style selected.

  Will Bosco Stone Veneer fade?

Coloured dyes are applied to each individual stone and absorbed by the stone when it is cast. Natural fading may occur over time, only to enhance the overall look and effect.

  Is there a repetition pattern to Bosco Stone Veneer?

Bosco Stone Veneer is cast from hundreds of molds. The colouring of each individual stone is applied by hand ensuring no two stones are exactly alike.

  How much stone can be applied in one day?

On average approximately 100 square feet of stone veneer may be applied per day. This may vary depending on the style of stone you have selected.

  Is water an issue for the stone veneer that has been applied?

It is important to divert water run off away from the stone's surface by using gutters and flashing to prevent damage to the stone's face.
NOTE: It is important to not use the stone below water surfaces or in/near chlorine/chemicals.

  Should Bosco Stone Veneer be sealed?

We do recommend a sealant be used for exterior application, however it is not necessary. Please note: if you choose to seal your application, a silane or siloxane sealer is recommended. Spot test the sealant in a small non- visible area first as it may affect the colour and create sheen.

  How much will it cost to install Bosco Stone Veneer?

Installation prices will vary for each individual job. Determining factors will be the application size and the location.